Doing Feminist Legal Work (DFLW) is a new network of Feminist Legal Scholars funded by the Irish Research Council of Ireland under the New Foundations Shared Island scheme. DFLW connects legal scholars across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain addressing emerging issues of gender and law. DFLW is a sustainable network of feminist scholars that builds on existing, but ad hoc, North/South and East/West collaborations.

We welcome all those interested in issues related to law and feminism to join. There is no necessity to have done any feminist teaching or research before and all career stages including post-graduate students are welcome. We also welcome those from across disciplines who have an interest in law and feminism, alongside those in practice.

Our aim is to create a long-term sustainable community which offers support, experience sharing and mentoring, alongside advancing research projects, policy developments and feminist teaching innovation.

The purpose of DFLW is to develop and share experience and practice as well as developing the substantive research and educational tools necessary to respond swiftly and effectively to societal challenges. The network seeks to equip members to engage directly with policy makers and media,

DFLW will host four events will at University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast across 2023. The first event was held in UCD on February 24th, 2023.

Please email to join our mailing list.